It's Time To Be Free & Let Your Soul Shine

You can show up AUTHENTICALLY no matter where you are, who is there, what's going on and FEEL COMFORTABLE, AT EASE AND POWERFUL!


1:1 Sacred Space


These coaching sessions first start with energetically creating a safe space for self exploration.

In each 2 hr session you will discover more about your truth while being guided through specific exercises that teach you how to use the Inner Transformation Technique™.

Every step of the way is cutomized for your current situation and what you choose to focus on.

Soul Shine 9 Week Transformation Course

Each week you will be guided through short exercises/experiences that will reveal to you new information about yourself and how you process your world.

Each exercise also provides you with a part of the full Inner Transformation Technique™.

By the end of this fun and enaging course you will be able to use the thechnique for yourself anytime you want to create a shift.

Individual Inner

Transformation Sessions

Using the Inner Transformation Technique™, you will be guided to access and transform the parts of you preventing you from feeling free.

Freedom from paralysis, greif, self sabotage, overwhelm, burn out, and the many experiences we have as human beings are all possible in these 2hr sessions.

About Sacred Interactions

A path towards inner peace, freedom & authentic power through self-reflection, awareness and mastery.

At Sacred Interactions...

...we believe that all interactions are sacred and should be treated as such. Every exchange with self, others, and this gorgeous planet (every part of it, even a rock) is sacred.

What is our definition of


Honoring and respecting our interconnectedness.

Honoring and respecting our interconnectedness:

  • Ubuntu - I am because we are.
  • Namaste - The Divine within me bows to the same Divine within you.
  • Quantum Physics - Everything in existence has one, single united source.

How does this help you?

Mastery of The Inner Transformation Technique™, allows you to discover the Sacredness in each interaction within and without. You then have the tools to navigate your inner experience and heal & integrate the needed parts!

This energy now shows up as a supportive energy for you!

No more resistance!

You become invincible!

It becomes rare that you find yourself stuck, blocked or spiraling.

Jessica Lyn and her buddy Twitch

Master Coach & Guide, Founder of Sacred Interactions

What Others Have Experienced

1:1 Sacred Space Coaching

I was in a bad place. I asked a close friend if she thought it was a dark night of the soul. After asking me a couple of questions, she gave me Jessica’s name and offered to connect us. Because of my trust level with her and the fact that she probably knows the “real me” more than anyone else in my life, I decided to take her up on it. Besides, one thing my friend said is that Jessica gets results fast, and boy did I need to get out of this funk quickly!

I knew instantly that Jessica was the one that could lead me out of this. I can’t even tell you why – I just felt comfortable with her. To me, she had the purest spirit I have ever encountered first-hand. I could tell she was confident and highly skilled. I just knew she could guide me gently and lovingly until I could see for myself.

I trusted her optimism when I had none of my own. And I am so glad I did. In two short months, she helped me come from a place where I felt paralyzed to a place where I could resolve the situation. She didn’t just help me resolve the situation, she helped me resolve the situation in a loving and caring way so that it felt right for everyone involved. I was emotionally paralyzed based on my belief that an amicable solution would be impossible. I was wrong.

There absolutely is a way get what you need without leaving any battle scars. It’s a message of love like I’ve never applied before in my 66 years! It not only gives you permission to love yourself, but it becomes obvious how essential it is. Through that lens, you can see better from another’s viewpoint. It takes work (I’m still practicing and learning), but it is so worth it. And, it doesn’t feel like work when you start getting results.

Thank you, Jessica. The essence of your spirit will forever be in my heart. ~ Doralee Billings

Soul Shine 9 Week Transformation Course

The last 23 days have been hectic, chaotic and challenging ...

I fully expected to disappear down the rabbit hole into depression, despair, hopelessness, and just give up, because that has been the response pattern for so much of my life. I have been so familiar with feeling small , insignificant and unworthy.

I kept waiting for the doom and gloom negativity and destructive self talk to take over, and feeling the spiraling into darkness. Yet it didn't happen and those feelings didn't even show up!!!

Instead, I experienced a deep calm, confident, certainty ~ an inner sense of peaceful fortitude and ability.

For the first time ever I knew, completely, that I could navigate the multiple situations and crises taking place with a serene grace, courage, resolve and clarity; with an underlying sense of compassion and non-attachment because I truly trusted, appreciated, accepted, liked and loved myself. 💝

This is the most profound, life altering gift I have ever received.

Life feels do-able, manageable and even magical ✨

For this I gratefully Thank You, with all of my heart, mind and soul, for it was Your Transformation Programme that lead me here. Lead me home to myself, and a new way of being, and interacting with Life.

Jessica Lyn, you have my truest, deepest appreciation and gratitude for these tremendous transformations - for the future I now get to create, the joy I feel everyday, and my new enthusiasm for Life!

Thank You! 💝💐🥹 ~ Cassandra Sproat

Individual Inner Transformation Sessions

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